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Community Garden

  Heart for the City, reaches out to the community; giving the youth a healthy nutrition and knowledge through the use of gardening.

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THE NEED:  Childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and, less than half of families on nutritional assistance planned meals according to the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for nutrition[i]. 

According to the Associated Press, 1 in 3 kids eat fast food every day. In addition, there are twice the number of fast-food outlets in inner-city neighborhoods with high density, non-white ethnic minority groups and in socially deprived areas, studies have shown.  Scientists have linked fast food to obesity and other health issues.  In fact, pediatric type 2 diabetes now accounts for almost one-third of all diabetes in children younger than 18 years.  And, Hispanics are twice as likely as non-Hispanic whites to develop type 2 diabetes.   


However, even youth who are not outwardly obese are showing some negative effects of poor eating habits in the U.S.  In fact, the American Heart Association published a report suggesting that sedentary young people are already exhibiting signs of arterial stiffening -- when arteries become less compliant as blood pumps through the body.    Research also suggests that time in front of a screen, which is the most common form of sedentary activity, is greatest among children with a lower socio-economic status and those from ethnic minority backgrounds.  Based on 232 studies, sedentary behavior (most of these focused on TV viewing) for more than 2 hours per day was also associated with lowered self-esteem and more socially-awkward behavior and poor academic performance in school-aged children and youth (5-17 years).


Jenny Beasley is a strong believer in building healthy relationships with kids. She hopes that by teaching the youth about gardening will ensure them to have a healthy lifestyle. She sets herself as an example by being the Garden Director.

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