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Success Stories

Petra Vargas
Karla Tafolla
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Animation Student

Petra Vargas

Petra Vargas first joined HFTC during the sixth grade when she signed up for the volleyball program.Heart for the city has helped her realize her potential and through the non-profit organization she has embarked in various art projects conducted by them. Time has passed and now she is currently attending Huntington University as an animation student. We hope to see more success stories.



Karla Tafolla

Like Petra, Karla also joined Heart for the City through their volleyball sport program. Karla loves teaching the youth and through Heart for the City's many connections she now teaches at Student Choice and is studying for a medical degree. We love hearing success stories!



Jerardo Samarripas

 Jerardo is always the first to volunteer and take the leadership role as a football coach. He aspires to pay it forward to other kids and better his community through the love of sports. The future is bright!

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