THE NEED:  To raise up a new generation that can break down the walls entrapping at-risk youth!

Imagine giving a low-income, inner-city, at-risk kid the chance to play club sports. Without Heart for the City, these kids could not afford organized sports programs.  This can run as much as $500 per kid!  And, we also provide the transportation. 

But, behind the scenes--

it is more than “just sports”.   

We work with the WHOLE kid. 

During practices, we help them walk through the struggles and pressures inner city life brings.  At the start of every scheduled session, coaching and mentoring focuses on processing emotions and scrutinizing the events of their day.  

Success Story—Dujuan

You can ask Dujuan about his destiny.  Four years ago it seemed he was destined to drop out or get kicked out of school.  In fact, he was forced to live in a homeless shelter for a year and a half. Today, he is at Pueblo University in Colorado on a full-ride scholarship. 

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